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Production                                                                      Role                                                                Company

Singing Bones: Thig Am Bata                                       Performer                                                         Distillery Gallery/Mobius, Boston, MA (Solo piece)

Singing Bones                                                                Ensemble/Director                                           Fool's Journey, Boston, MA (Dir. Julie Becker)
TREE                                                                              Bird/Ensemble (butoh)                                    Lord and June/Mobius, Somerville, MA
August 13, 2015                                                             Ensemble (dance)                                            teXt/moVes, Cambridge, MA
Studying Hamlet                                                             Ensemble                                                        Bral School, London, Gdansk (Dir. Grzegorz Bral)
Thresholds                                                                      Lady of the House                                          The Nightjarmen, Boston, MA
Tales of the Unnamable                                                   Protagonist                                                     Flat Earth Theatre Company, Somerville, MA
Lunar Labyrinth                                                              Ghost Walker (butoh)                                     Liars and Believers/CHIMERAlab, Cambridge, MA
Grandma's House                                                            Cat                                                                 Wax Wings Productions, Boston, MA
Crime Passionel                                                               Bird Woman/The Man                                    Puppet Showplace Theatre, Brookline, MA (Solo piece)
10 Days That Shook The World                                       Ensemble (butoh)                                          CHIMERAlab, Provincetown, MA
UnAccountable Fog Operants                                          Ensemble (butoh)                                          CHIMERAlab, Boston, MA
Titus Andronicus                                                              Martius, Publius, Goth                                   Full Contact Theatre Company, Boston, MA
As You Like It                                                                  Audrey                                                           Theatre@First, Somerville, MA
Bug                                                                                  Agnes                                                             Flat Earth Theatre Company, Boston, MA
La Folie Noire                                                                   Phooka                                                           Behind the Mask Studios, Cambridge, MA
The Woman Who Outshone the Sun                                 Grandmother Iguana                                      Behind the Mask Studios, Touring
Bent Wit Cabaret: OBSESSION                                         Phooka                                                          Axe To Ice Productions, Cambridge, MA
Alice in Bed                                                                      Emily Dickinson                                             Do It Live! Productions, Somerville, MA
The Long Christmas Ride Home                                       Claire                                                              Salem Theatre Company, Salem, MA
Chilling Tales                                                                    Park Ranger                                                    Salem Theatre Company, Salem, MA
A Midsummer Night's Dream                                            Puck                                                               Contemporary Theatre of Boston, Boston, MA
Molassacre!                                                                        Ensemble                                                       The Molasses Lasses, Boston, MA (Dir. Justin Townsend)


Production                                                                               Role                                                                Company/Director

Shinrin-yoku                                                                            Vocalizations                                                  Tom Weksler

The Creed                                                                                 Linda (lead)                                                    Fool's Errand Productions (Dir. Kevin James)


B.A. in Theatre, concentration in Performance, Northeastern University (Boston)

M.A. in Ensemble Theatre, University of Manchester (Rose Bruford College) in conjunction with Teatr Piesn Kozla (Song of the Goat Theatre) (London)


Psychophysical Theatre

First Body: workshop with Diego Borges (Brazil) in Brooklyn, NY

The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards: At the Core of Creativity workshop with Cecile Richards (New York)

The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards: Master Course with Focused Research Team (Pontedera, Italy)

Pere Sais: work with songs and physical training (London and Barcelona)

Bral School of Acting in conjunction with Rose Bruford College course (London)

Mario Biagini/Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards: Voice/Song, Intentional Action, and Physical Training (New York)

Rena Mirecka: Karawana Sun (Ashfield, MA), Individual work sessions (Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw)

Teatr Piesn Kozla Workshop Village: Vocal Techniques, Anna Zubrzycki; Physical Acting, Grzegorz Bral (Wroclaw)

Teatr Zar Training Sessions: Jaroslaw Fret, Matej Matejka, and Ditte Berkeley (Ashfield, MA)

Double Edge Theatre: Internship, Winter Intensive, Summer Intensives (Ashfield, MA)


Other Theatre

Company One Professional Development for Actors, Ros Thomas-Clark and Victoria Marsh

Acting: Antonio Ocampo-Guzman (Shakespeare), Del Lewis, Scott Olson, Lori Klinka

Voice (Linklater): Antonio Ocampo-Guzman, Cameron Feagin

Improv Comedy: Chet Harding and Alison Royer (Improv Asylum, Boston)

Movement: Antonio Ocampo-Guzman, Rachel Bunting


The Transgressive Body: MELT workshop with Jaamil Kosoko, Movement Research, NYC

Butoh: Ellen Godena, Jennifer Hicks

Teaching and Research

Member of RE^ATHETA, an international group of professional artists focused on development of embodied research and theatre practices

Member of the New York Seed Group, a group researching traditional songs, in collaboration with The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards

RE^ATHETA Workshop: 2 day workshop on embodied relational practices, Barcelona, Spain

Artist residency at PAM (Los Angeles) to develop initial material for "Untitled Clown" piece in progress

Physical Ensemble Theatre workshop taught to Northeastern University undergraduate theatre students, Boston, MA

Primal Practice: ongoing weekly classes which aim to cultivate physical intelligence though a relational, inquiry-based physical practice,
                collaboratively led with Everett Hoffman. Boston, MA

Researching Ensemble: Improvisation Via Song: laboratory series on integrating polyphony and physical improvisation, Cambridge, MA


Tap, hip-hop, jazz, modern, butoh, yoga, partner acroyoga, arm balances, headstand, Tae Kwon Do (basic), Parkour, basic aerial arts, stiltwalking/running/jumping, polyphonic singing, musical saw