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Upcoming Projects

I will be performing in the world premiere of Misconceptions, a new play by Stephen Wangh (An Acrobat of the Heart, The Laramie Project) with the company Blessed Unrest.

"MISCONCEPTIONS is a very serious—and very funny—play about a mother who questions motherhood: The story of a woman who dares to search for answers&yhellip;wherever they take her. It is also a dramatic inquiry into the performance of fact and fiction, an exploration of how verbatim theater, performance art, and magical realism illuminate reality.

Written by the Emmy-nominated playwright Steve Wangh (The Laramie Project) and directed by Jessica Burr with Blessed Unrest’s award-winning imagination, humor, and artistic risk-taking, MISCONCEPTIONS illuminates the personal stories that underlie the political posturing of post‑Roe America."


Sporadic Phantoms, a science fiction audio drama, available wherever podcasts are found. Season 2 is happening now.

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